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          What's Lusk up to lately?
          What about these "Dog...
          (Bob Lusk) -08/05/19 11:11 AM
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          (LeighAnn) -06/27/19 09:56 AM
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          (Bill Cody) -09/16/19 09:15 PM
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          Re: New Column in Pond Bos...
          (Bob Lusk) -19 minutes 55 seconds ago
          New Forum Member Introduction(12 viewing)121810534
          Re: Found my pond
          (Bocomo) -01/09/20 11:38 AM
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          Re: Hall Of Fame 2020!!!
          (Pond Boss) -26 minutes 37 seconds ago
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          Selecting a site(82 viewing)91412868
          Re: Dewatering before digg...
          (RAH) -01/12/20 12:07 PM
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          Re: SoilFloc Polymer Seala...
          (teehjaeh57) -01/10/20 06:17 PM
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          Re: Can a dam be large eno...
          (BrianL) -Today at 12:22 PM
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          Re: West TX Crib and Porcu...
          (Dave Davidson1) -01/06/20 06:57 AM
          Renovating a Pond or Lake?(23 viewing)101111487
          Re: Cottonwood root sprout...
          (Augie) -Yesterday at 01:38 PM
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          Uploading Photos(1 viewing)11
          Tutorial On Uploading Phot...
          (teehjaeh57) -04/21/10 02:01 AM
          Image Gallery(3 viewing)7494238
          Re: Retreat
          (Dave Davidson1) -01/02/20 08:32 PM
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          Types of fish to choose(102 viewing)228834953
          Re: Finally pulled the tri...
          (snrub) -Today at 07:55 AM
          Creating the food chain(31 viewing)7679997
          Re: Weird wakes in pond
          (Augie) -01/09/20 10:15 AM
          Raising Forage and Bait(23 viewing)5667887
          Re: Waterdog fish?
          (LaBassmaster) -01/08/20 02:28 PM
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          Evaluating and adjusting fish populations(66 viewing)201226349
          Re: pen raised wipers
          (nehunter) -Today at 01:15 PM
          Corrective stocking(23 viewing)4967152
          Re: Source for F1 bass in ...
          (nvcdl) -08/22/19 09:38 PM
          Fertilization(6 viewing)3412925
          Re: Organic Fertilizer or ...
          (TGW1) -12/13/19 07:46 AM
          Feeding(52 viewing)113513587
          Re: Feed Types
          (teehjaeh57) -9 minutes 46 seconds ago
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          Systems questions(45 viewing)113712196
          Re: How do I only aerate t...
          (Bill Cody) -Today at 12:30 PM
          Should I aerate?(14 viewing)4024257
          Re: Water Temp is 59?, kee...
          (LaBassmaster) -12/23/19 01:10 PM
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          Identifying plants(5 viewing)4143612
          How to Plant and Care for ...
          (Muharrem) -01/08/20 06:20 AM
          Controlling unwanted plants(31 viewing)128611867
          Re: algae control
          (esshup) -01/06/20 01:37 AM
          Balance of plants in the environment(14 viewing)2753350
          Are some plants better at ...
          (saint_abyssal) -01/01/20 09:01 AM
          FISH & FISHING
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          Fly Fishing & Other Fish Species(4 viewing)2934537
          Re: Recommendations for a ...
          (Mike Whatley) -06/21/19 06:54 PM
          Show off your catch(12 viewing)5307209
          Re: Some unexpected net sa...
          (ewest) -12/27/19 08:17 AM
          Sunfish-Including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass(17 viewing)3485181
          Re: Spotted Bass
          (Pat Williamson) -09/11/19 03:06 PM
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          Wildlife Management(12 viewing)4718043
          Re: 2019 rain totals
          (SetterGuy) -12/31/19 05:22 PM
          Property Projects & Construction(62 viewing)63712903
          Re: Buying House w 2 Ponds...
          (BrianL) -Today at 11:44 AM
          Muddy water(18 viewing)4805194
          Re: Is high turbidity inev...
          (snrub) -11/16/19 09:31 AM
          Water chemistry(19 viewing)4594609
          Re: inexpensive method to ...
          (Bill Cody) -01/07/20 07:27 PM
          Product sources(13 viewing)3133457
          Re: material for making ne...
          (esshup) -01/08/20 09:41 PM
          Help(28 viewing)91210865
          Re: Pump to transfer Yello...
          (roundy) -12/30/19 04:34 PM
          Pond Boss (114 viewing)357768544
          Re: Had a therapy session ...
          (ewest) -01/04/20 09:42 AM
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          How do I only aerate top half of my water column??
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          by snrub
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